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Navy beans have long been known for there nutritious value, in fact that is what led to it's navy bean name. This popular small white beans became a staple food of the United States Navy in the early 20th century because it was low cost way to feed healthy food to the sailors.

Today we are using this wonderful bean to make some of the best tasting cookies in the world. Navy beans are mild-flavored but have a dense and creamy texture. When combined with the other ingredients we are able to transform the fiber rich bean into a mouth watering cookie.

You can love your sweets and feel good that you are still being healthy!

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"I had never heard of navy been cookies before I tried one at a friends party, but it instantly became my favorite cookie. On top of it tasting amazing I was thrilled to learn how good for you navy beans were. That's called a Win/Win!!  You have to try the strawberry.."
— Mike D.

A Touch Of Fruit

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At Shadeesha's Sweets, we believe that Mother Nature makes some of the best tasting things you can eat. That is exactly why our navy bean cookies come with a variety of organic preserve flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange Marmalade, and Ginger too! They are all so good that it is almost impossible to pick a favorite!
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Events & Catering

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Planning a wedding, birthday, or epic gala event? We love working with our customers to make their events extra sweet, so let Shadeesha's Sweets bring the desserts!