Generational Cooking Comes From The Soul..

The kitchen is my refuge. Once I start cooking, I'm inspired by the thoughts of being able to share a piece of myself with everyone through my cooking. I wake up in the morning and see the sun light radiating through my kitchen window. I take a deep breathe and say a prayer, now I am ready to go into my kitchen and do what I love most, what I'm best at. Cooking with love an passion can only come from one place, the SOUL.

THREE KITCHENS, this is my story.
As a very young girl, my mother Catherine kept me very close to her in the kitchen, telling me and showing me the way she prepared things. I watched her closely as she meticulously worked her way around the kitchen. Working very diligently preparing sumptuous meals for the family every day. She made sure her family meals were well balanced and full of her genuine loving spirit. We were so blessed because she was an amazing cook!

My mother friends use to come over and sit around talking until we finished cooking. They always knew we would offer them something to eat! This was a highlight for me, fun times because My mother let me help her present to her friends the delicious meal we prepared together. Our happiness came from watching how they enjoyed every bit. My face lit up when I was told that I cooked just like my mom.

This is why today I have a passion for cooking. The first thing my mother taught me was how to bake pastries - chocolate cupcakes. She shared her gift and love for cooking with me. We both loved that time being together, cooking together.

I am so thankful for my grandmother teaching her and my mother teaching me how to cook.

Today I take my daughters into the kitchen the way my grandmother to my mom and my mom took me. This is how we feed the soul and share our love. Food is our expression of that love.

Our customers are the new generation, so come an get it. 


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